Delthor of Sagill

Dwarven Illuminator


Level: 2
Class: Herald (Illuminator)
Race: Dwarf
Weakness: Dark (S)
Resistances: Frost (S) Fire (S)
Health: 26

Power: 4 +1
Initiative: 4
Strength: 3
Faith: 2 +2
Intelligence: 1
Vision: 4
Agility: 1
Defence: 4 (If current shield equipped extra +2)
Dexterity: 2 +2
Darkness: 2
Cunning: 2
Charisma: 1
Non-Card Items/Effects: Dark Vision


A fairly young dwarven Herald of the god of Love, Hope and Joy, Sagill. Whose mission is to destroy all who cause pain, suffering and despair.

Delthor of Sagill

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