Welcome to the lost land. A place outside of time that can no longer be found in the Matireal plain, but between this one and the next, the Ethereal. Few reach it, and those who do don’t reach it intentionally. They are taken from their lives by huge birds, Falquin, which live between the plains of existence, to Mundonn. Few know of these creatures, and none know of there task, relentlessly bringing new adventurers to Mundonn, to break its timeless curse…

Song of the lost land

In place that time hath now forgot.
There once was more to see.
A land of power that came to rot.
And is lost to you and me.
The lost land of Mundonn has often been sought.
Though none are yet to find it though many battles fought.
And still one day you may end up in that forsaken place.
You’ll vanish from the real world.
Be gone without a trace.
And then you’ll be in Mundonn.
Without really knowing why.
And you’ll stay there till we’re long gone.
Watching the time go by…


Embers Fall

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